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The Storm


1. Warm Coexistence (7:28)
2. Dark Mode (5:10)
3. Natural Affinity (11:04)
4. All the Struggles (7:30)
5. Uplifting (10:42)
6. Subconsciousness (3:18)
7. Facing the Truth (The Grand Finale) (18:36)
8. The Song of All Those Distant (5:04)
9. The Storm (4:35)

  • Music by Michał Wojtas

    Michał Wojtas / vocals, guitars (acoustic, Classical, synth & electric), keyboards, piano, sampler, frame drum, percussion, e-drums, Theremin, kanklés, Fx, composer, arranger & producer

    Sebastian Wielądek / duduk (2)
    Konrad Pajek / backing vocals (8,9)
    Paweł Kowalski / drums (8,9)
    Marta Wojtas / percussion (6,8,9)

    Releases information
    Soundtrack, almost all instrumental tracks were specially composed for a British contemporary dance performance by James Wilton Dance entitled “The Storm”

    Artwork: Photo of a dancer Sarah Jane Taylor – Wilton by Steve Tanner
    Cover design & other photos by Marta Wojtas
  • Since May 24, the fifth album of the Amarok project is available worldwide. The album, entitled “The Storm”, contains mainly instrumental music – the result of cooperation between Polish artist Michał Wojtas and British choreographer James Wilton on the creation of contemporary dance performance The Storm. There are also two songs on the album, inspired by the main theme.

    “The music for the performance “The Storm” is three-dimensional, deep and mysterious in the film – theatre style” says Michał Wojtas, the founder and leader of Amarok. “It reflects the mood and the message of experiencing difficult feelings and coping with them in the context of internal processes of the individual and in relations with other people”.

    In 2018, the music of Amarok appeared for the first time in the performance of British choreographer James Wilton “Hold On”, presented in the Theater Münster, Germany. This fact resulted in wider cooperation between James Wilton Dance Company and Michał Wojtas in the form of a soundtrack for the newest performance entitled “The Storm”. The premiere and other performances of “The Storm” have started in autumn 2018 in the UK, including London (The Place). The masterpiece has collected positive reviews and the musical side of the show was strongly appreciated. The next shows are planned for the 2019/2020, also outside the UK.
    In the meantime, Amarok performed with James Wilton Dance Company dancers in the Austrian Dornbirn (Tanz Ist), presenting the multi-dimensional musical and dance experience to the audience.
    In 2019 Amarok has started touring to promote The Storm album. The beginning of the tour started with summer festivals e.g. Festival of Progressive Rock in Torun, Poland and Summer Fog Festival, Warsaw with Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), David Cross or Soft Machine. There are planned also joint shows of Amarok and James Wilton Dance Company.
  • The Song of All Those Distant

    One day I will find the way
    One day I will break the chains forever
    One day I will cross the endless desert
    One day all my senses will be tamed

    Now stay
    Now stay away
    Await leave me more space

    Someday clearness will appear
    Someday we can find the bliss together
    Someday i’ll resist the stormy weather
    Someday I will soothe your hidden fear

    Now stay
    Now stay away
    Await leave me more space

    The Storm

    There is a calm before the storm
    Stillness on fake illusive warmth
    Fading away when a craze is born
    Pushing me out to the unknown
    Breaking my walls to transform

    In my head raging waves
    In my head all’s reversed
    I’m in an odd universe
    Hold me back from this delirium

    I used to dream to ease my pain
    I used to stray and run away
    The storm came back and I misplayed
    I lost control and took your hand
    I knew the ocean reached the land