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Amarok live @ Loreley 2024!

AMAROK will be performing during the Final Night Of The Prog Festival 2024 on the Loreley on Sunday, 21 July 2024!

Amarok as a headliner at Baszta Prog Fest!

17.06.2023 Ostrzeszow, Do zobaczenia!

Amarok as a headliner of Spring Prog Festival!

See you there! 22.04.2023 Sosnowiec (PL)

Michał Wojtas – Lore

1. Lore 05:31 2. Eiocha 05:10 3. Ritual 07:20 4. The Roots & The Rain 02:26 5. Myth Of Creation 05:59 6. Song Of Cernunnos 04:31 7. The Echoes 12:25 8. The Oak Tree 07:55 9. Tales Of The Woods…

Hero Tour – Poland

Amarok on Polish tour! Piekary Slaskie, Krakow, Poznan, Bydgoszcz, Brasc Kujawski, Lodz, Bialystok, Warszawa

The wolfpack is getting ready to hunt again, Amarok’s live tour is almost here! 

Starting next year, the band will visit 3 countries in Europe – the hot sounds will first fill Germany , then Belgium , and finally the Netherlands. This tour is dedicated to our latest album …

Amarok as a headliner of Prog Art 2022! /08.19.2022/ Berlin

See you there! Biesdorfer Parkbühne

Hunt and The Storm album reissues are now available!

Hunt is this time a two-disc release containing a live concert recording from Poznań 2018! The albums are waiting for you here:


Our beautiful coloured and black vinyls were produced, carefully packed, and are already headed towards you!


Album Hero on the list of American The Prog Mind TOP 40 ALBUMS 2021 Thank you!!!


Hero on The Prog Mind TOP 40 SONGS 2021 Thank you !!!! The list also includes Michal’s piece for the performance of James Wilton (iRobot) – Learning Mode

Michal on the podium!

Michał is on the podium, among the best singers in 2021 according to the American The PROG Mind! Thank you!!!

Hero on the TOP 🥇

Hero on the TOP of the charts! 🔥 ♥️ THANK YOU!🔥

Amarok Crescendo Festival 2022!

Amarok as a headliner of the fourth day of the French Crescendo Festival 2022 within the Hero – Tour!

Artrock Festival Calendar

We’ve recently received the new Artrock festival calendar, along with a nice surprise inside! We got our own month! March 2022 will be the time of the wolf You can buy the calendar on the STONE P…


We finally have the long-awaited news for you! But first things first… The digital version of “Hero” is now available for purchase on our bandcamp Check it out!…


If you are curious about what’s been going on with us lately, Michał Wojtas will be a guest at Soundedit Festival during the panel of the group We kindly…

Amarok in concert!

Dears! We would like to invite you to listen to our live concert! It will be a premiere, intimate performance with the album “Hero”! On the 7th of November, on Sunday, we will broadcast to you str…

“One of the most interesting Polish premieres of this year. I recommend.”

Another great review, this time from Poland “…Is their absolute best album for me”“One of the most interesting Polish premieres of this year. I recommend.”Thank you ArtRock.PL | Mariusz Danielak…

The premiere of “Hero”!

It’s today! The premiere of “Hero”! You can order the CDs here Since midnight you can also listen to the THIRD single from the album! This time, it’s the titular “Hero” http…

“Hero” on streaming services!

In addition to our YouTube channel, you can also listen to the latest single “Hero” on streaming services!  Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and more are waiting for you! https://amarok.fanlink…

First great review of Hero

First great review of Hero from The PROG Mind (US) “This will certainly be one of my favourite albums this year” Thank you


We have already signed hundreds of CDs which have been carefully packed by the Independent Music Market team. We are waiting for the courier to take them straight to your players! We can’t wait fo…


There are just a few days left until the release of our album! Meanwhile, you can still pre-order a CD and two types of vinyl, including the beautiful blue and yellow edition As you can see …

Hero release date

We have only important news for you today! Attention! On October 15th, “Hero” will be available for sale on CD… …which you can preorder starting this Friday on October 10th! A beautiful …


It’s on! ️‍From the very morning, you can listen to our latest single – “Surreal”, on the biggest streaming services! Let us know what you think! https:…

Official Tracklist

As promised, we have a full list of recordings from our newest album – “Hero” for you today! There are over 40 minutes of brand new Amarok sounds waiting for you in October. We hope you are lookin…

It’s Not The End on the Radio Rockserwis FM

Thanks to your activity, “It’s Not The End” has been on the Radio Rockserwis FM list for 13 weeks! In the last listing, we jumped back to the podium, taking third place. You are amazing! If …

New single

Finally, we can give you a release date for our SECOND single from the upcoming album. 14 of September! It will be a little bit… surreal. Intrigued? We have one more surprise! We will…

First three albums of Amarok finally on Bandcamp

Dear Friends, The first three albums of Amarok finally on Bandcamp. Today you can get them all. Listen to the debut fully instrumental album or Neo Way with Colin Bass (Camel) and Metanoia with…

Long Weekend

During the May long weekend, we’ve had a brief respite and, even though the weather wasn’t so pleasant, we still found a way of connecting with nature. We hope you’ve also had a good rest over…


Lately, we are spending a lot of time in the studio. It feels nice to compose again, although there’s something we still miss dearly – You. We miss all the live shows, we miss meeting you all and …