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Neo Way


1. Dajenu (4:27)
2. Up’ Hill (4:18)
3. Two Faces (1:24)
4. …No More A-roving (4:58)
5. On The Road (3:28)
6. Running Time (3:29)
7. Hope (5:17)
8. Neo Way I (2:39)
9. Neo Way II (6:52)
10. Neo Way III (4:07)
11. Neo Way IV (5:30)
12. Neo Way V (1:04)
13. Neo Way VI (1:27)
14. Neo Way VII (6:54)

  • Amarok’s second album featuring Colin Bass (Camel) released in 2002.

    Michał Wojtas: guitars, keyboards, sampling and programming

    Special guest:
    Colin Bass (Camel): vocals, backing vocals (tracks: 2, 4, 7)
    Other guests:
    Lilia Wojciechowska – backing vocals
    Marta Wojteczek – backing vocals
    Agnieszka Dudek – backing vocals
    Artur Szolc – drums

    Music by Michał Wojtas, except tracks 4,8,9,11: Michał Wojtas and Bartosz Jackowski
    Lyrics by Christina Rosetti (track 2); George Gordon Byron (track 4); Emmily Dickinson (track 7)

    Recorded at: Serakos Studio by Magda & Robert Srzedniccy, 09-10.2002 in Warsaw
    Kartini Studios by Markus Bartholdy, 10.2002 in Berlin
    Mixed by Robert & Magda Srzedniccy, Michał Wojtas at Serakos Studio
    Mastered by Grzegorz Piwkowski at High-End Studio
    Cover design and photography of nature by Marta Wojtas
  • Thanks to:
    Colin Bass, Mieczysław Stoch, Agencja Oskar, Magda & Robert Srzedniccy, Piotr Kosiński, Marek Niedźwiecki, Piotr Kaczkowski, Bogdan Fabiański, Marcin Borchardt, Andrzej Patlewicz, Wiesław Weiss, Robert Roszak, Jerzy Doroszkiewicz, Adam Kołaciński, Marek Sierocki, Grzegorz Bedna, Zofia Stopińska, Wiesław Królikowski, Leszek Ślusarski, Andrzej Rafał Błaszkiewicz, Patrycja Stefańska, Marta Chmielewska, Joanna Kurpińska, Jarek Bąk, Michał Ściwiarski, Piotr Jagiełło, Konrad Pajek, Radek Herbuś. Beata Reizler, Elżbieta Kiernicka, Musicom, Piotr Kosiński, Bogdan Dziewoński, Rock Serwis
    Grzegorz Szklarek, Cantara Music. Family & many others
  • Up-Hill

    Does the road wind up-hill all the way? Yes, to the very end.
    Will the day’s journey take the whole long day? From morn to night, my friend.
    But is there for the night a resting-place?
    A roof for when the slow dark hours begin.
    May not the darkness hide it from my face? You cannot miss that inn.
    Shall I meet other wayfarers at night? Those who have gone before.
    Then must I knock, or call when just in sight? They will not keep you standing at that door.
    Shall I find comfort, travel-sore and weak? Of labour you shall find the sum.
    Will there be beds for me and all who seek? Yea, beds for all who come.

    …No more A-roving

    So, we’ll go no more a roving So late into the night,
    Though the heart be still as loving, And the moon be still as bright.
    For the sword outwears its sheath, And the soul wears out the breast,
    And the heart must pause to breathe, And love itself have rest.
    Though the night was made for loving, And the day returns too soon,
    Yet we’ll go no more a roving By the light of the moon.


    “Hope” is the thing with feathers – That perches in the soul –
    And sings the tune without the words – And never stops – at all –
    And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard – And sore must be the storm –
    That could abash the little Bird
    That kept so many warm –
    I’ve heard it in the chillest land – And on the strangest Sea –
    Yet – never – in Extremity,
    It asked a crumb – of me.