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1. Anonymous (6:41)
2. Idyll (5:41)
3. Distorted Soul (5:32)
4. Two Sides (5:09)
5. Winding Stairs (4:34)
6. In Closeness (5:52)
7. Unreal (4:40)
8. Nuke (5:48)
9. Hunt (17:52)

  • Michał Wojtas / vocals (1,3,5,6,9), acoustic, 12-string, lap steel & electric guitars, e-bow, harmonium, keyboards, piano, sampler, percussion, e-drums, theremin, low whistle, loops, producer

    Mariusz Duda / vocals (2)
    Colin Bass / vocals (8)
    Konrad Pajek / backing vocals (2)
    Michał Ściwiarski / keyboards (7)
    Sebastian Wielądek / duduk (4)
    Paweł Kowalski / drums (1-3,5,6,8), bass (2)
    Marta Wojtas / e-drums (1,2,6,9)
    John England / voice actor (9)

    Releases information:

    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Robert & Magda Srzedniccy between 09.2016 – 04.2017 at Serakos Studio in Warsaw
    Cover design and photography by Marta Wojtas
    Studio photography by Magda Srzednicka
    Colin Bass’s photography by Lenya Alec Bass
  • Thank you all:
    Marta Wojtas
    Mariusz Duda
    Colin Bass
    Michał Ściwiarski
    Paweł Kowalski
    John England
    Konrad Pajek
    Sebastian Wielądek
    Magda & Robert Srzednicccy, Serakos Studio
    Beata Reizler, Elżbieta Kiernicka, Musicom
    Piotr Kosiński, Bogdan Dziewoński, Rock Serwis
    Marek Laskowski, Progresja
    Grzegorz Szklarek, Cantara Music
    Tomasz Tuszewski
    Michał Łapaj
    Tomasz Pulsakowski
    Joachim Humel
    Ewa Tyburczy
    Kornel Popławski
    Piotr Pawęska
    Mikołaj Madejak, Legionowo Live Art
    Stowarzyszenie Autorów ZAiKS

    I’m dedicating this album to my doughter Róża Wojtas

    Michał Wojtas
  • Anonymous

    So gorgeous
    An aimless
    An aimless chasing
    In cyberspace
    With no trace
    In a swarm
    She’s lost


    Assigned to comfort overflow
    The idyll dazed us to the bone
    Until you’re on the road you can’t forego waiting for a shooting star
    And when you come undone or you feel alone, the best defence is in your mind
    You’ll see me another day, we can float along, tasting the love before it’s gone
    And if the sun falls and the moon is drowned, turned into dust we will go on
    The sign of comfort overflow
    We are prosaic to the bone
    The more I try to analyze, the more my mind is hypnotized
    Waiting for abundance – waiting just to gain the most
    Should we really foster, what might never ever come?
    Waiting for indulgence, ‘waiting’ as an endless road
    Waiting for enlightenment , waiting for a change to come
    Waiting for an answer, while it’s written on your wall
    Waiting for silence, while it’s been your inner song
    Waiting for something, all

    Distorted Soul

    Two faces but finally one form
    In mazes of spinal cord’s control
    Sometimes that’s all
    You need nothing more
    Sometimes that’s all
    Then it dies forever
    We can learn to heal
    We can learn to feel
    Let’s start it off
    Taste it’s flavour
    To sense a distortion
    Inside your soul
    Sometimes that’s all
    You need nothing more
    Sometimes that’s all
    Then it’ll live forever

    Two Sides

    Winding Stairs

    So straightened, I am waiting
    I hide away within my space
    To hasten a ripening
    And climb the stairs of consciousness
    Find me again, hunt me
    Hurt me again, heal me
    Winding stairs
    Till I know myself
    Led astray
    I’m still somebody else
    I’ve wasted my time on all those games that people play
    Erase them, replace them with your affection bliss forever
    Find me again, hunt me
    Love me again, heal me
    Winding stairs
    Till I know myself
    Led astray
    I’m still somebody else
    When you find me, won’t feel restrained

    In Closeness

    You set a firestorm
    With a single word
    It’s gonna burn for real
    In it’s visible form
    Every line is blurred
    I don’t know what you feel
    All we’d raised has fallen
    And we’ve lost what we’d gained
    Common sin of common men
    There’s no sense in our stalling
    As we’re no longer the same
    Don’t wait in vain
    I’ll ease your pain
    In closeness, face to face
    In closeness, face to face
    I’ll tame your flames
    You’ll hush my rains



    Who can question the delusion
    When so many minds agree
    Watch the rough beast as it slouches
    Dragging banners of the free
    They think they’re free
    When the blue lights come calling
    All the world will follow me
    I’m a jester of this kingdom
    Leading you to misery
    Just follow me
    Wait and see
    On that mystery morning
    When I beheld the man
    Who spoke the tongues of angels
    Casting snakes out of the land
    I recalled what father told me:
    Stride your way everyday
    Going against the flow
    Stride your way everyday
    Going against the flow
    Deep inside my veins
    Hidden time and space
    Guide me on the way


    Almost 2 billions people belong to one of the biggest virtual community ever created. Every day this number is growing. All members believe that the network brings us closer to each other. Is that true? Do we really have hundreds of friends? Do we feel happier, safer and more satisfied?
    Maybe the truth is out there. Maybe some people need our isolation to keep us under control. There are hunters constantly tracking us. They don’t have any intention to be our friends, but they are craving to get closer. They pursue our personal information, our secrets. This is a hunt for our life
    Can you hear me? Can you see me?
    Can you hear me? Can you see me?
    These days are cold. Where are you?
    I do exist neither here nor there
    Neither here nor there as the life is elsewhere
    This is a real surveillance which precedes total domination and manipulation on our decisions, our needs and the shape of our future. Do we really need the A.I.? Will the A.I need us?
    Neither here nor there as the life is elsewhere
    All my thoughts are stolen
    All my plans have been hacked
    I feel like under attack
    I’ll stay alive
    I will survive
    I’ll dive into this space
    Until I’ll find you in there
    Knowing that the life is elsewhere
    These days are cold
    The words untold
    We are here but the life is elsewhere
    The life is elsewhere
    Days of daze
    I stay aware
    I stay away
    Will we ever create a better world?
    Will we ever be safe?
    Will we remain human?
    Will we recognize other humans in the crowd?
    Will we find a real God?
    What if the ‘Judgement Day’ will come?