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1. Hope Is (04:44)
2. Stay Human (05:52)
3. Insomnia (06:06)
4. Trail (07:07)
5. Welcome (05:16)
6. Queen (05:15)
7. Perfect Run (05:50)
8. Don’t Surrender (06:59)
9. Simple Pleasures (07:34)
10. Dolina (03:09)

  • Michał Wojtas – vocal, back vocal, el. guitar, ac guitar, synthesizers, upright piano, harmonium, theremin, el. drum beats, cello, flute, sampling, miscellaneous
    Marta Wojtas – lyrics, back vocal, gong, percussions
    Kornel Popławski – bass, violin, vocal (6) keyboards (6)
    Konrad Zieliński – drums, vocal (5)

    Recorded at Sonus Studio 07.2023 (drums)
    Amarok Studio 2023/2024 (vocal, guitars, keyboard, upright piano, theremin, percussion, programming)
    Kornel’s studio 2023/2024 (Kornel’s vocal, bass, violin, cello, harmonium, djembe, percussion)
    Mixed by Michał Wojtas at Amarok Studio 2023/2024
    Mastered by Robert Szydło 02.2024
    Album art by Kacper Kwiatkowski
    Photo by Kacper and Justyna Kwiatkowscy @sundaykacper
    Model: Patrycja Ciołko @patrycja.ciolko
    Band photo by Eliza Krakówka
  • Michał Wojtas’s musical project, Amarok, has been a dynamic presence in Poland’s music scene since 1999. Originally influenced by Mike Oldfield and Pink Floyd, Amarok’s sound has evolved over 25 years, developing a unique style with ambient and folk elements. Their 2024 album, “Hope,” awaited for three years, features ten sophisticated compositions, a testament to the band’s artistic evolution.

    “Hope” starts with its title track, featuring Marta’s hypnotic vocals, intense bass, and a wall of sound from distorted guitars, ending with Michał’s compelling guitar solo. “Stay Human” begins with Radiohead-like tones, escalating into an intense sound, ideal for live performances. “Insomnia” captures anxiety and depression, reminiscent of early Pink Floyd, but with Amarok’s modern twist.

    “Trail” stands out as the most dynamic track, blending a memorable vocal line with Muse-like sounds. Zielinski and Popławski contribute their pieces, “Welcome” and “Queen,” bringing cold-wave and trip-hop influences, showcasing the band’s versatility and willingness to experiment.

    “Perfect Run” veers towards electronic sounds with heavy guitars and raw drums, while “Don’t Surrender,” a subtle ballad with progressive elements, speaks of resilience. The album concludes with “Simple Pleasures” and “Dolina”, offering a peaceful guitar solo and a Polish-lyric track that elegantly wraps up the album.

    With “Hope,” Amarok demonstrates their ability to blend genres and experiment while maintaining musical excellence. This album not only highlights the band’s expansive creativity but also cements their place in the art rock music scene, promising further innovation in the future.