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Michał Wojtas – Lore

1. Lore 05:31
2. Eiocha 05:10
3. Ritual 07:20
4. The Roots & The Rain 02:26
5. Myth Of Creation 05:59
6. Song Of Cernunnos 04:31
7. The Echoes 12:25
8. The Oak Tree 07:55
9. Tales Of The Woods 05:24


1. It’s Not The End (5:23)
2. Surreal (5:01)
3. Hail! Hail! Al (6:28)
4. The Orb (4:58)
5. The Dark Parade (5:24)
6. Hero (7:11)
7. What You Sow (7:23)

Hero release date

We have only important news for you today! Attention!

On October 15th, “Hero” will be available for sale on CD…

…which you can preorder starting this Friday on October 10th! A beautiful vinyl will also be available

All preorder CDs will be signed by us

We can’t wait for when they get to you

album info

Amarok is back with a new album! Michał and Marta Wojtas are joined by their old friends – Kornel Popławski and Konrad Zieliński. The result of this collaboration is the album “Hero” – a spiritual sequel to the 2017 “Hunt”.

Much like the aforementioned „Hunt”, the upcoming album presents a fusion of musical styles known and loved by fans and critics alike. Here the sounds of progressive rock folk and ambient mix together, complemented by a wonderful and subtle guitar virtuosity. The soundscape feels exotic, thanks to the use of uncommon instruments such as violin, theremin, wind gong, djembe, harmonium, flute, and rainsticks.

The pieces have a strong lyrical layer, with their vocals referencing the ongoing digitalization of our life and the unsure position of a human in the future world. There are also beautiful instrumental fragments reminiscent of film scores similar in style to the depictions from the War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. Hero is a story of a protagonist, fighting for survival, going up against reality and themselves. It’s about everyone courageously facing the unknown. The lyrics based on this idea, also touch on the current pandemic and the state of the world.

The upcoming album „Hero” is a collection of innovative, fresh, and spatial compositions with just as good lyrical parts, that inquires into our current questions about the future. We recommend spending a while to relax, reflect and enter the world of this unique music. The climate of each and every piece mesmerizes the first time you hear it and brings you back again and again.


Amarok is a Polish band of Michał Wojtas, Marta Wojtas, Konrad Zieliński and Kornel Popławski. The Amarok recordings were attended by such artists as Colin Bass (Camel), Mariusz Duda (Riverside, Lunatic Soul) and others. Amarok have played live on the same stage with Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Gazpacho, Bjørn Riis, Riverside and other bands.

Amarok is an art-rock music project founded in 1999 by guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Michał Wojtas and guitarist Bartosz Jackowski. Between 2001 and 2004 Amarok released three international albums. Since 2003, the formation transformed into Michał’s solo project.

2017, after a 12-year break, Amarok’s fourth album, ‘Hunt’, was released. Special guests were again Colin Bass and Mariusz Duda. Marta Wojtas, who wrote the lyrics, also joined the line-up permanently. In 2019 Michal collaborated with British choreographer James Wilton which resulted in Amarok’s fifth album – ‘The Storm’ for the show of the same name. As of 2021, Amarok has expanded its line-up with two more musicians – Konrad Zielinski (dr) and multi-instrumentalist Kornel Poplawski. Amarok’s sixth album, “Hero”, was released in autumn 2021.

Previous live band members:
Konrad Pajek – voc, guitars, kb, b (2017-2019)
Paweł Kowalski – drums (2017-2019)
Maciej Caputa – kb (2018)
Michał Ściwiarski – kb (2017)
Michał Kirmuć (guest) – kb (2018-2019)

Official Tracklist

As promised, we have a full list of recordings from our newest album – “Hero” for you today! There are over 40 minutes of brand new Amarok sounds waiting for you in October. We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are!

Meanwhile, we’re counting down to 14.09, when you will hear the new single … “Surreal”! Who’s waiting with us?

It’s Not The End on the Radio Rockserwis FM

Thanks to your activity, “It’s Not The End” has been on the Radio Rockserwis FM list for 13 weeks!

In the last listing, we jumped back to the podium, taking third place. You are amazing!

If you liked the single, you can still vote for it – the next listing is on September 2!

We hope that soon we will be able to tell you the news about taking even higher places

P.S. Very important information about … new single will be published here soon!

New single

Finally, we can give you a release date for our SECOND single from the upcoming album. 14 of September!

It will be a little bit… surreal.


We have one more surprise! We will share the tracklist of the album with you on Thursday. We are very curious if you guessed the titles correctly. “Hero”, “It’s Not The End” …we’re getting closer!

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